About us

This is a website on the financialisation and commodification of houses, and the private and collective debt burden that is the result. The aim is to find strategies to counter these forces and obtain ‘affordable housing for all’. The website and other activities in the campaign on financialisation and housing, are part of the network Citizens for Financial Justice.

Houses have become commodities on the market, and financial forces have increasingly become the dominant players in determining prices of real estate.

The result is that housing has become ever more exclusive and expensive and ever fewer people can afford decent housing. Those who still can get access to housing, often have to incur enormous debts that make them heavily dependent on banks and wage work.

People have to understand how all this works and who is pulling at which strings. We also have to find strategies to regain control over housing and its financing, and fight for ‘affordable housing for all’.

To help build a movement for housing finance for all, we started this project for gathering and sharing of knowledge and to organize discussions on this murky subject. We invite you to participate and use the website.

The information will be provided in different languages, while everything will also be available in English.

This website has been prepared with the financial assistance of the Development education and awareness raising (DEAR) – department of the European Union.