April 6 international action day on housing

On April 6 demonstrations or other actions are being held in many European cities “against housing costs madness and evictions”. In the Netherlands the street is also taken by demonstrators on that day.

The action day is the initiative of activist housing organisations in Berlin. A year earlier, 25,000 people took to the streets to demand fair housing policies. Now, a year later, many German cities are participating, and also a series of other countries. See here:

In Amsterdam we are conducting an “action tour” in the financialised city. This starts on Saturday, April 6 at 13:00 on Jollemanshof 5 (at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade) where the Amsterdam School of Real Estate is housed. We then take a tour of various business and real estate objects and end up on Java Island where residents are now literally flushed out of their homes by “the market”. From 15:00 there is a presentation and discussion about the housing market and financialization and what can be done about it on the ship Het Einde van de Wereld (the End of the World, Javakade 61).

tatie en discussie over woningmarkt en financialisering en wat er tegen gedaan kan worden.

Below the announcement of the action in Amsterdam.

Sale Amsterdam: action tour through the financialised city

Sale Amsterdam is an action tour through the financialized city. – Start tour: 13:00 Start location: Jollemanhof 5, Amsterdam School of Real Estate (near Pakhuis de Zwijger)

Come join us on 6 April with an action tour through our financialised city.

During the tour we will visit a variety of locations, so you learn to understand life in the current city. For example, the tour will focus on various investment objects and trading companies and their impact on the city.

Housing is made into merchandise. This makes living in the city extremely expensive and inaccessible. Rising rents are driving people out of their neighborhood and city and many people do not longer have housing security. How come? And what can we do about this together?

Do you want to know more about the financialization of housing and are you in favor of more housing security? Then join this Sale tour! The tour is part of a European action day against rent increases and evictions. At the end of there will be room to forge follow-up actions.

We want a city:

• that is not a business model, but a living environment for everyone – regardless of origin, language, age or disability.

• in which houses are built for living, not for making a profit.

• in which nobody has to live in housing insecurity, emergency shelter or on the street.

• in which the housing space, land and nature are jointly owned.

Show your solidarity. Together we can get something moving. Housing is a right!

This tour is an initiative of www.bondprecairewoonvormen.nl and www.globalhousingdebt.org


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