Berlin October 3: Cap it right, then expropriate

Cap it right, then expropriate – red card for speculation!

Renters of Berlin, we’ve begun to win. After years of protesting, we’ve forced real solutions to rent madness onto the table. The Berlin Senate is finally reacting with a rent cap. But their plans are under fire and recent drafts are turning this rent “lid” into a sieve.

It’s time to stop the coalition from making more concessions to the real estate lobby!

Our rent has been turned into profit for far too long. We need a rent cap that is effective and will protect us longterm from rent increases. A rent cap that doesn’t allow for loopholes and exceptions and that effectively sinks excessive rent payments. We also need fair conditions for renters of social housing, protection from evictions, and the maintenance of youth centers and open spaces around the city. For a real course change, we need living space that is in public hand.

The rent cap will be decided upon in October. We need to bring our demands onto the streets: we won’t accept a rent cap that’s full of holes!

Let’s show the Senate that we want the real rent cap and then the expropriation of corporate landlords! We want living space that’s not treated like a commodity and a city that we can all live in.

Speculation with our livelihoods must end!

Thursday 3 October at 13:00 in front of the Haus des Lehrers next to Alexanderplatz.