PropTech, speculators and expellers 2.0 : hands off!

Keep out of our neighborhoods, our housing, or our lives!

The MIPIM (International Market for Real Estate Professionals) usually takes place every year in Cannes in March and brings together developers, investors, bankers, funders, various intermediaries and public authorities that sell land, our common good, to the highest bidder

On July 1 and 2, the “PropTech” exhibition (for Property Technologies) is held in Paris 19th, at 104, espace culturel de la Ville de Paris. It brings together start-ups specialising in new technologies, particularly digital real estate and housing technologies.

These new technologies contribute to the development of “Smart cities”, “connected cities”, “intelligent cities”, which we know will be reserved for the rich, and will continue to exclude the working and middle classes. The damage caused by the gentrification and touristification of our cities will be accelerated.

These new technologies and the start-ups that support them are very diversified: rental and real estate management (including tourist rental), 3D construction, real estate transactions (with profiling of buyers, virtual tours of housing), building management (with facial recognition, monitoring of movements and “facts and figures”), home automation…

Alongside these start-ups, investment funds, French and German lobbies in the real estate sector, numerous Internet real estate media will also participate in this exhibition….

Under the guise of “sharing economies”, “collaborative networks”, all these companies gravitate in the international financial world, big brother enthusiasts, GAFAs without forgetting the traditional real estate sectors that intend to participate in this new Eldorado: construction companies, developers, real estate agents…

This “salon” is building new and powerful threats for the inhabitants of metropolitan areas, as seen with UBER, Airbnb and other declinations of the digital economy leading to speculation, overexploitation, acceleration of the commodification and financialization of housing, control of inhabitants, socio-spatial segregation, evictions, homelessness, forced nomadization…..

The main designer of the ELAN law (acronym containing the word “Digital”), the Minister of Housing close to E. Macron, who does not miss a meeting with housing profiteers is announced. He must undoubtedly rely on these new predators to sell social housing and public land (i.e. ours) at the highest price and as quickly as possible…

Faced with these sharks, let’s mobilize ourselves:

Meeting Tuesday, July 2, starting at 10am

In front of the entrance of 104 – Crossing of Curial/Riquet

Metro Riquet

On the call of: AITEC, ATTAC, COPAF, DAL,…